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Need assessment team meeting

On 27 December 2018 in Belgrade the meeting of national project partners was held. The meeting was attended by representatives of the University of Novi Sad, University of Belgrade, and University of Nis, Public Policy Secretariat of the Republic of Serbia, Human Resource Management Service, National Academy for Public Administration, FREN, and SeConS. Following the first meeting that gathered the entire project team, this meeting was an opportunity for all the participants to learn about the planned project activities in greater detail as well as to jointly prepare the work plan for 2019. At the start of the meeting the participants analysed target groups of future educational programmes and discussed various approaches to the assessment of the target groups’ needs and chances to participate in these educational programmes.

In the second part of the meeting the forthcoming project activities were analysed and a detailed timeline for their realisation drafted. The activities in the first place involve the preparatory analyses of the needs of civil servants and other potential target groups for educational programmes that will be developed within the PPMA project, as well as the analysis of capacities at Serbian universities for public policy teaching. It was agreed that national documents such as the Regulation on defining essential competences of civil servants, analyses carried out by the Human Resource Management Service, and plans and other resources of the National Academy for Public Administration will be used as the starting point for the work within the PPMA project. During the next few months the project team will be preparing three major analytical documents, namely the education needs analysis, the analysis of models for delivering trainings, and the analysis of university resources, as well as study visits to relevant international peer institutions.