About Policy Club

What is public policy?

The purpose of the public policy analysis is to enable the adoption of better decisions for the citizens in the public policy creation process. The public policy analyses have no strict form; they can be independent or a part of public policy documents. The findings are presented independently or as a part of public policy documents. As a rule, the latter usually refers to several different analyses that need to be carried out to create a policy.

In preparing the public policy analyses, the authors use the data and various scientific and research methods. The purpose of the analyses is to contribute to a better understanding of the problem for which the public policy, i.e. state intervention is needed, or to evaluate the effects of specific public policy measures implemented by the state. The evaluation of the effects may be done before the decision is adopted in order to contribute to a better selection of public policy measures. When the policy effects are evaluated after the public policy has already been implemented, we have a public policy evaluation. A special analysis that can be done during the implementation of a public policy is the monitoring of the implementation or the monitoring of the public policy.