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Public Policy: A New Introduction
By Christoph Knill and Jale Tosun

What is a public policy? Who is involved in the creation and implementation of public policies in practice? How and when do public policies change over time? The answers to these and many other questions are provided in the textbook that gives a comprehensive introduction to public policy, entitled Public Policy: A New Introduction, by Christoph Knill and Jale Tosun. The textbook was translated into Serbian language and published within the Erasmus+ PPMA project aimed at introducing lifelong learning in the field of public policy in Serbia, and funded by the European Commission.

Public Sector Management
By Norman Flynn and Alberto Asquer

Public Sector Management is another in a series of very important books translated into Serbian language and published within the edition of the Erasmus+ PPMA project.
The book deals with the public sector in the United Kingdom, with some reference to practices in other countries for comparison. The authors are Norman Flynn, Director of the Centre for Financial and Management Studies at the SOAS University of London, and Alberto Asquer, Lecturer in Public Policy and Management at the SOAS where he also serves as Director of Public Policy and Management and Public Financial Management.

Public Management Reform
By Christopher Pollitt and Geert Bouckaert

The book authored by Christopher Pollitt and Geert Bouckaert, entitled Public Management Reform, deals with comparative governance reforms in twelve countries and systems, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Commission.
The book was translated into Serbian language and published as part of an important edition that was launched within the Erasmus+ PPMA project.

Applying behavioral insights to public policy
By Aleksandar S. Mojašević

Applying behavioral insights to public policy (2021), authored by Aleksandar S. Mojašević, Professor at the Faculty of Law in Niš, is the first book in the field of behavioral science published in our region as part of an edition within the Erasmus+ PPMA project. The book systematically deals with a number of behavioral concepts, such as cognitive bias, appearance theory, social preferences and others. The book is intended for public policy makers and analysts, but also for the general public, as it ranges between a popular scientific book and a formal monographic study. The book is imbued with the author’s enthusiasm and efforts to popularize this field in our country, which is confirmed by his rich bibliography dedicated to numerous topics from the corpus of behavioral science, especially the work related to law and economics.

Public Administration Management
By Predrag Dimitrijević and Dejan Vučetić

Public Administration Management, authored by dr Predrag Dimitrijević and dr Dejan Vučetić, professors at the Faculty of Law in Niš, sheds a different light on public administration, and shows that administration is not just what is written in laws and administrative rules but everything around us. If we want to manage our social and institutional environment, we need to find adequate models and techniques for managing the administration – inside and out.
The book was published as part of an edition launched within the Erasmus+ PPMA project.

The Economic Analysis of Public Policy
By William Bellinger

The Economic Analysis of Public Policy, authored by William Bellinger, Professor of Economics at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, is the ideal introduction to benefit-cost analysis, the economics of efficiency, risk analysis and present value, and does not require extensive prior knowledge in mathematics or economics. This latest edition contains extra material on loss aversion, global warming, technology, and the United States health care reform, as well as a wider range of international examples.
This textbook encourages the readers to understand and apply key concepts whilst also learning to appreciate public policy analysis as part of an interdisciplinary, analytical, and political process that can lead to better government policy decisions. The book represents an ideal teaching tool for undergraduate and postgraduate students engaged in Public Administration, Public Economics, and Public Policy.