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Olivera Vukovic is an executive director at SeConS. She is sociologist from Belgrade with an academic background and extensive experience in policy oriented research. She has regional experience since she has lived and worked in Bosnia and Herzegovina for three years, as well as in Montenegro where she worked for different clients. She has significant experience in cooperation with international institutions (such as, DFID, UNDP, IOM, UNFPA, UNW, SDC, etc.), national and local governments, institutions and civil society organizations.
Key competences: Program management and quality assurance, Development of training curricula and training delivery, Monitoring and evaluation of processes, projects and policies, Design of quantitative and qualitative surveys, Preparation of analytical reports, Various forms of policy analysis
Key fields of expertise: Social exclusion, social policy and social protection, Decentralization of social policy, PCM, Capacity development of CSO and municipality departments, Strategic planning, Socio-economic development.

Dr Marija Babović is full professor at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy. She is one of founders and Director of Programmes at SeConS. Economic sociology is the main area of her academic interests, while her research and policy analysis focus is on socio-economic development, gender equality and social integration of various social groups. In addition to extensive experience in scientific research, she has abundant experience in applied research conducted in cooperation with international institutions (EC, DFID, WB, UNDP, UNHABITAT, UNHCR, ICMPD, DRC, etc.), state institutions and civil society organizations.

Key competences: design of quantitative and qualitative surveys, knowledge of important international methodologies for social surveys: Labour Force Survey, Statistics on income and living conditions, Human Development, Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey, Time use surveys, European Social Survey, World value surveys; statistical and qualitative analysis, preparation of analytical reports…

Key fields of expertise: socio-economic development, poverty and social exclusion, gender equality, labor market analysis, social economy and entrepreneurship, migration and problems of social integration of migrants, public policies with focus on employment, social policies, gender mainstreaming.

Jovana Obradovic, MA, is a Research Coordinator at SeConS. She was a student assistant at the Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. The main field of her academic interest is Economic Sociology, while she has participated in different social research, focused on the issues related to violence against women and children, migrations, human security, privatization process and workplace violence, etc. 

Key competencies: qualitative in-depth interviews, quantitative surveys and data analysis, research design and implementation, project assistance and coordination.

Key fields of expertise: privatization process and workplace violence, labor market analysis, human security in the region.