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Instructions to authors

Upon registering you become entitled to be an author and post your public policy analyses. The author can be an individual or an institution.

Posted materials are not subject to peer-review. Responsibility for the content and quality of the analysis rests with the Author who has posted it on the site. In order to maintain the idea of the site serving the community that deals with topics in the field of public policy, prior to the publication itself, confirmation by three members of the Policy Club having the status of Editor-in-Chief is required.

Anyone posting at least three publications in a given field becomes the author- editor for the relevant area of public policy (publication category.

When the Author submits his/her material for publication, the algorithm that is part of the site ensures that this publication reaches sufficient number of Author-editors for verification. Verification does not imply expert validation and the Author-editor does not assume any responsibility regarding the content and quality of the material itself. Verification serves only to prevent possible misuse of space available to the professional community as a result of sending inappropriate materials, and to ensure the well-intentioned use of the platform.

Registered users also have the opportunity to evaluate each posted publication they read by assessing how much it has benefited them. The summary result of the existing reviews/readings and ratings for each individual publication is also visible to the registered users.

In order to search and verify publications more efficiently, when sending the analysis, it is necessary to choose the category of publication – the area of public policy it is dealing with. It is possible to choose one or two of the 7 categories on offer.

In order to post your article, you should follow the following procedure:
* Your articles are sent exclusively to reviewers within the area-category you selected when submitting the article for review