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Sharing the PPMA project experience at the Regional Conference on Public Policy Coordination

At a meeting held on October 18 and 19, 2021 in Tivat, organized by the Regional Academy of Public Administration (RESPA) with the aim to initiate the creation of a network for coordination of public policies within the state administrations of the Western Balkans, PPMA project coordinator prof. Jasna Atanasijević presented the experiences gained through this project. The participants of the meeting could hear about the content and form of lifelong learning, which is intended for experts in the field of public policy coordination. This is the first step in the regional dissemination of experience from Serbia and opens space for further consideration of the best way to offer newly introduced programmes to civil servants in the Western Balkans region, to meet the great need for data analysis and problem solving skills as key skills of importance for public policy coordination.