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Within The PPMA Project, The First Study Visit To Leiden University, The Netherlands, Was Held

The first study visit to the foreign partner – The Leiden University, i.e. the Institute for Public Administration and the Centre for Professional Learning at Leiden University was organized in the period from 25 – 30 May 2019, in The Hague, the Netherlands, within the PPMA project. The representatives of the University presented the following presentations:

• Professor Sandra Groeneveld presented the courses and programs in the domain of management in public administration;
• Director of the Centre for Professional Learning Nikol Hopman presented the organization and the activities of the Centre for Professional Learning, as well as the courses intended for training of professionals in public administration;
• Director of teaching at the Institute for Public Administration Maarja Berkens, Ph.D., presented the Public Administration programs on master studies at Leiden University;
• Professor Antoaneta Dimitrova presented master programs from the field of Crisis (and Security) Management;
• Coordinator of IKT program in public sector, Sarah Giest, Ph.D., presented this program.

After the high-quality discussions and a lot of questions asked by the participants in this study visit to the host, important conclusions were reached, related to the way of overcoming the gap between the courses in Serbia and the and noted courses organized by the foreign partner, all for the purpose of creating new courses in Serbia within the PPMA project. After this visit, it was evident that new courses in Serbia should be organized in compliance with the market and end users’ needs, that they should be interdisciplinary, as well as that they should focus on practical skills, all in sufficient representation of necessary theoretical background referring to the role of the state, institutions, politics, society, economy, law, management, psychology and other related disciplines.

Participants from Serbian partner institutions Leiden (Hag) 25 5-30 5 2019

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Serbian Scholars Visit Leiden University