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A visit to partners from France within the PPMA project

Representatives of the University of Novi Sad and the Republic Secretariat for Public Policies of the Government of the Republic of Serbia visited international partners from the PPMA project in Paris, France in the period from 11-17 November 2021. The visit to UPEC University and 27 regions was organised for the purpose of evaluating the existing courses created within the PPMA project and their improvement in the forthcoming period in order to ensure the sustainability of the programme.

The integration of innovations in public policies into the created courses should serve for further elaboration and improvement of these courses, along with the use of practical examples in teaching. Innovative approaches in creating, implementing and monitoring the implementation of public policies are the direction of development of this area that should be more represented in teaching.

As the end of the PPMA project approaches, the partners also discussed directions for future cooperation on new projects related to innovation in public policy, science and education.