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Kick-off meeting in Novi Sad

A Kick-off meeting of Erasmus+ project Interdisciplinary short cycle programs in public policy making and analysis (PPMA) was held at the University of Novi Sad on the on 29th and 30th of November 2018.
This meeting was the first opportunity for all of the partner institutions from Serbia, United Kingdom, France and Netherlands to come together and lay the foundation for future cooperation within the three years of the project.

Aim of the PPMA kick-off meeting was to establish common ground of understanding, values and targets amongst partners, identifying potential problems which might arise during the project’s implementation and discussing the strategic plan in order to address them.

The agenda was focused on matters such as work packages and activities, management and management structure of the project, financial management and technical details, project operation guide, determination of main responsibilities of each partner and definition of first steps. As a result, project bodies are formed and operational plan has been defined.
The second day of this meeting was a workshop destined to give a wider picture on EU practices in education in the area of policy making and analysis which was presented by EU partners. Afterwards, Serbian partners held a presentation on Current state of play in Serbia and preparation of the Work packages with a focus on first tasks (need assessment).

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Introductory address by coordinator Jasna Atanasijevic

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