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The Meeting of the Local Coordinating Team 26.02.2019.

The meeting of the Local Coordinating Team of PPMA project was held in Belgrade, in the premises of the Public Policy Secretariat, 10 Vlajkovićeva Street, on 26 February, 2019. The following topics were discussed at the meeting: the report on coordinators’ meeting in Brussels, financial management, quality plan, visibility, website, procurement of equipment and study visits.

The coordinator of the project Jasna Atanasijević pointed out that the project website was launched, currently containing information on the project, partners, as well as the news, available in Serbian, English and French. She also emphasized that the preparation of the visual identity of the project and promotional material is in progress. The representatives of local coordinating team discussed technical issues about the procurement of the equipment, as well as about the organization of study visits to the foreign partners in this project.