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The Meeting Of The Local Coordinating Team Was Held On 26/5/2019 In The Hague

The meeting of the Local Coordinating Team of PPMA project was held in the Hague (Restaurant “Pavlov“, Spui 173 2511 BM Den Haag), The Netherlands, on 26/5/2019, from 12-16 h. The meeting was primarily held with the aim of preparation for the visit to the foreign partner in the project – The Leiden University, more precisely, the Institute for Public Administration and the Centre for Professional Learning at Leiden University. It was agreed that all the team members should focus on programs and curriculum of courses presented by this partner, as well as on teaching methods that he uses. It was agreed that the questions for the partner should be formulated so that they initiate the discussion through which the conclusions should be reached related to the way of overcoming the gap between the planned courses in Serbia and noted courses organized by the foreign partner, all for the purpose of creating new courses in Serbia within the PPMA project. The other topics that were discussed at the meeting were: the Needs Analysis Report, defining several key issues in order to complete the work on Quality Plan preparation, as well as considering questions and ideas that should be the constituent part of the Visibility Plan and PPMA project communication.